Sharp Knife is a website devoted to kitchen knives, specifically European and Asian knives. The site features a wide range of knives from some of the world’s top manufacturers and artisans, including Japanese knives, German knives, and French knives. Visitors to the site can browse through the knife selection by brand, type, and region, and read detailed product descriptions and reviews.

The site also offers a variety of resources for knife enthusiasts, including articles on knife care and maintenance, sharpening techniques, and cooking tips. Users can also find information on the history and craftsmanship of different types of knives, as well as access to a community of knife experts and enthusiasts.

In addition to the knives, also offers a variety of knife-related accessories, such as sharpeners, cutting boards, and knife storage options. The site also provides a marketplace where users can buy and sell knives, and other knife-related items.

Overall, is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in kitchen knives, whether they are a professional chef, a home cook, or a collector. It focuses on European and Asian knives, and provides a wealth of information, resources, and products for knife enthusiasts of all levels.